LuBan Morphing

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Cookie cutter v2

LuBan Cookie Cutter 2nd release

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File size limit is 5MB, which is referring to 5MB in STL binary format.



Radial cut

Radially cut a 3D object.




Represent a photo by laser cut or 3D printed pillars.

Halftone line

Convert a grayscale image to a halftone line image. Base line intensity, line width, gap between lines, and line angle can be adjusted.



Convert a grayscale image to a halftone image for laser engraving.



Cookie cutter

Generate 3D printable cookie cutter from a black and white picture.


Radial center adjustment

Adjust the radial center of the Radial method.


Lithophane 7th release

A new shape ,spiral, enables the print of very large lithohphane. After printing, the spiral lithophane can be put in hot water and be reshaped to a long, flat lithophane.



Apply wave propagation to a mesh to create interesting visual effects and to generate wavy surface deformation to the mesh.


Stretch to whole surface

Stretch a photo to cover the whole surface of a cylinder, cone, and vase lithophane.


Cutting region

Split a model by a cutting region instead of a basic cutting plane.


Lithophane support

Add edge support to flat and arc lithophane to reduce the out-of-plane movement during 3D printing. A tall flat lithophane is particularly sensitive to nozzle movement. With the edge support, a flat lithophane is more stable during printing and better results can be obtained.


Lithophane 6th release

An adjustable vase-like shape is added. Through control points, the shape can take various different forms.


Double-sided relief

Mesh -> LuBan, Method Relief. An option is added to generate double-sided relief.


Flexible grid cut

Adjust each cutting plane under “Mesh -> Split”, Method Grid cut.



Turn a 3D mesh into a relief that can be fabricated by 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving.

Function under “Mesh -> LuBan”, Method Relief.


Depth map

Get the depth map of a 3D mesh using “Mesh -> Depth map”.



Turn a 3D mesh into a set of 2D contours, which can be laser engraved on transparent sheets, giving a 3D perspective effect.



Lithophane 5th release

Cone shape lithophane



Lithophane 4th release

Lithophane on the interior surface.



Lithophane 3rd release

Lamp color and intensity, filament color, one body vs. assembly.

3D Wireframe

Turn a 3D mesh into a 3D wireframe.

“Mesh -> LuBan”, Method Wireframe.


Lithophane 2nd release

Sphere lithophane



Lithophane 1st release

Turn any 2D photo into a 3D printed photo with a frame.

“File -> Create -> Lithophane”


Exploded view

Show multiple objects in a window in an exploded view.

“Object -> Explode” and “Object -> Restore”.


Staggered cut pattern

An option of a staggered cut pattern is added to “Mesh -> Split”, Method Grid cut.


Bitmap to vector conversion

Convert a bitmap to a vector image for the ease of laser cutting. “Tool -> Convert -> Bitmap (binary image) -> Vector”

“Tool -> Convert -> Bitmap (natural image) -> Vector”


D-shape plug and dowel

D-shape plug and dowel allows the orientation of two parts to be uniquely determined.

This option is available under “Mesh -> LuBan”, Method Module and “Mesh -> Split”.


2D Wireframe

Turn a 3D mesh into a 2D wireframe that can laser cut and engraved.

The function is under “Mesh -> LuBan”, Method Wireframe.


Grid cut

Grid cut split an object into equal-sized blocks.

The function is under “Mesh -> Split”, Method Grid cut.



Printer bed shape

Support to a circular printer bed is added to

“Mesh -> LuBan”, Method Module.



Natural cut

Apply a curved cut to an object.

Related menu

1. “Mesh -> LuBan”, Method Module.

2. “Mesh -> Split”.